1. Triller "Co-Trilla Quarantine Sessions" Assembles More Than 100 All-Star Music Artists to Benefit COVID-19 Relief
    Three-day festival hosted by Jay Pharoah featuring Migos, Marshmello, Pitbull, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, Ally Brooke, King Combs, and more Triller , the AI-powered music video "social streaming" platform, presents “Co-Trilla Quarantine Sessions,” an epic three-day music festival April 10-12, 2020 to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts. Produced by Propagate along with Proxima Media’s Daniel Herther, the curated festival content will stream on  Triller’s YouTube channel . Jay Pharoah, noted actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, rapper, and voice actor, will host the event in collaboration with five-time Emmy nominated writer and creator Chris Case. With concert tours and major music festivals cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Co-Trilla Quarantine Sessions offers Triller’s 85 million global users a safe digital platform to listen to music, socialize and flatten the curve together. Source:
  2. Wyclef Jean Performs On Inaugural Episode Of ‘Unplugged At Home’
    MTV made the move to change “Unplugged” to “Unplugged at Home” during the coronavirus pandemic and there was no one better than Wyclef Jean to kick off the new rendition. Wyclef performed the inaugural 10 minute set with “If I Was President”, “Gone Til November” and his Shakira collab “Hips Don’t Lie”. MTV has launched the #AloneTogether campaign which “Unplugged at Home” is a part of. The social media initiative encourages youth to practice social distancing in the hope of “flattening the curve” of the coronavirus outbreak. A number of other artists for the show will be announced over the coming weeks. source:
  3. Watch Wyclef Jean Perform Acoustic Set on MTV’s Debut ‘Unplugged at Home’
    In this time of self-isolation and social distancing,  MTV  has rebranded its  Unplugged  program as  Unplugged at Home , an online series featuring artists performing acoustic sets from their own houses.  Wyclef Jean  delivered the series’ inaugural set Friday, with other artists to be announced in the coming weeks. Wyclef opened his 10-minute set with “If I Was President,” prefacing the song with an anecdote about how he improvised the track’s debut performance on  Chappelle’s Show  in 2004. Sitting in front of his massive fishtank, the former Fugees singer also played his “Gone Til November” and Shakira collaboration “Hips Don’t Lie.” Unplugged at Home  is part of MTV’s #AloneTogether campaign, a social media initiative encouraging young people to practice social distancing in the hope of “flattening the curve” of the coronavirus outbreak. Read more:
  4. MTV Debuts 'Unplugged at Home' With Acoustic Sets to Enjoy While Housebound
    Friday saw the launch of this special edition of the 'MTV Unplugged' franchise, made famous in the '90s by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. In an effort to connect musicians with their fans and encourage self-quarantining during the coronavirus outbreak, Friday saw the launch of a special edition of the iconic  MTV Unplugged  series. The program aired regularly in the 1990s, featuring artists such as Elton John, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. It was made famous by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who appeared on the show with his band about five months before his death in '93. MTV Unplugged at Home  offers stripped-down acoustic sets from musicians who are remaining indoors due to the global pandemic that currently demands all Californians — as well as those in many other places — to be largely housebound except for essential outdoor activities. Read more:
  5. ‘MTV Unplugged’ Debuts A Special Edition Featuring Stars At Home, Starting With Wyclef Jean
    MTV Unplugged  is connecting with musicians who are quarantined to bring forth a series of at-home performances. The series is available on MTV YouTube, Instagram and Twitter starting today. Already on tap is a mini-concert in the  MTV Unplugged at Home  series features Grammy winner and platinum selling artist  Wyclef Jean . Other artists are expected to be announced soon. The series, as the broadcast series did, will feature stripped-down acoustic sets from artists performing their greatest hits. The launch coincides with MTV’s #AloneTogether campaign, a global social media initiative that educates young people on the importance of social distancing in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic. Source:
  6. Wyclef Jean Launches Publishing Company For Caribbean, Africa - Submissions To Carnival World Music Group Open To Jamaican Songwriters And Producers
    In a bid to democratise the global music marketplace, international music star Wyclef Jean is putting his money where his mouth is. With US$25 million to start, Jean’s new music publishing company, Carnival World Music Group, is currently seeking submissions from the best new songwriters and producers in the Caribbean and Africa. That means Jamaica, too. Following the example of major label founders and executives like Clive Davis, L.A. Reid and Russell Simmonds, Jean is taking his seat at the controls as a music executive. His focus will be to excavate regional talent for the originators’ benefit. Read more:
  7. Wyclef Jean Hosts ‘Off-Ice’, A New Digital Series About The NHL
    Wyclef Jean is bringing his hockey fandom to the masses. This week the first episode of the new digital series “Off-Ice with Wyclef Jean” debuted, right in time for the NHL’s Black History Month celebrations. In the episode, Jean is joined by former NHL player Bryce Salvador, the third black captain in the league’s history; Blake Bolden, the first black player in the National Women’s Hockey League; and current New Jersey Devils players Connor Carrick and Blake Coleman. Watch:
  8. Wyclef Jean to team up with Dayton musicians for symphonic hip-hop
    Wyclef Jean is the personification of the American dream. The artist-producer, joining the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for a Rockin’ Orchestra Series concert at the Schuster Center in Dayton on Saturday, Feb. 8, was 9 when he moved to the United States from Haiti. The talented and tenacious youngster took full advantage of the opportunities in his new land. He was still a teenager when he got to work with big-name rap artists Kurtis Blow and Erik B. and Rakim. Read more:
  9. Wyclef Jean to finance music publishing services in Africa
    Haitian musician and ex-Fugees member Wyclef Jean has raised $25m to fund music publishing services in Africa, the Caribbean and other developing regions through his newly launched publishing and distribution company Carnival World Music Group. Speaking to Forbes, the three-time Grammy award winner said his latest initiative would seek to empower creatives by giving them access to publishing and distribution resources needed to promote their music and earn royalties. Read more:
  10. Wyclef Jean Raises $25 Million To Fund Music Publishing Services In Africa
    Wyclef Jean  is giving back and his latest charitable donation arrives, courtesy of his efforts to raise $25 million dollars in funding to Carnival World Music Group, which aims to support artists in developing countries seeking publishing and distribution support.Carnival World Music Group, which aims to ensure artists in developing countrys have publishing and dustribution In his new interview with  Forbes , the industry titan, 50, detailed his cultural ties with his native Haiti and his belief that the Afrobeats genre will continue to be a steady influence for western culture. Read more: