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  1. The crowd at Saturday's Kaya Fest at Bayfront Park would have likely preferred smoke clouds to rain clouds in the forecast for the music and cannabis awareness festival. But though heavy rain did stay away, patient crowds battled a cold drizzle as the main acts took the stage. Saturday's festival, curated by the Marley brothers, who also headlined the festivities, took place in the context of a confluence of new political realities.  Read more:
  2. Wyclef Jean just dropped a new video for “The Ring” where he shows off his impressive boxing skills. The song is off of his recent February release,  J’ouvert. In the video, Wyclef raps into an announcer microphone before going into full sparring mode. Throwing both jabs, as well as kicks, the Haitian musician makes sure that his haters know not to mess with him. This latest song follows “I Swear” featuring Young Thug. While “The Ring” has more of a trap feel, the Thugger collaboration offers a pop dancehall vibe. Watch here:  
  3. Wyclef Jean "The Ring" Video

    Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 12:54 PM
    Back in February, Wyclef Jean released a slept-on project called  J’ouvert , which featured guest appearances from Young Thug (“I Swear”), T-Baby, Allyson Casado, Farina, Nutron, and more. Today, Wyclef decides to revisit that very project and share a new video in its support for the intro track “The Ring.” Watch here:  
  4. Wyclef Jean Spars in “The Ring” Video

    Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 1:52 PM
    Wyclef Jean returns to his  J’ouvert  EP to provide some visuals for “The Ring.” The Fugees member goes through a hard sparring session at the gym in the new video, which displays his fighting prowess. “The smile in my face, behind my back, they hate us/But like Bernie Mac said, I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers/Little Haiti to Sicily, Big Pun, he was a friend to me/Fat Joe, he called me literally/Put me on a track instantly/Caribbean connection put me all the way up/What goes up must go down, so Thugga picked me up/Ay, that’s what I call that street cred/Take your chance in the lobby, you gon’ meet those old dreads,” Wyclef raps in between shots of his training. Read more:

    Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 12:48 PM
    Wyclef Jean proves he’s a fighter by getting in “The Ring” in the high-powered video for his new single. The clip takes place at a boxing gym, where other fighters are training all around him. With his hands wrapped and his headgear on, the Fugees frontman gets ready for a bout of his own. Midway through, ‘Clef shows off his kickboxing skills, tackling an opponent to the ground, and landing a few punches. Watch here:
  6. Wyclef Jean makes the most of whatever environment he finds himself in. It’s a skill the singer-producer acquired as a youngster, when he and his family left his native Haiti for Brooklyn and eventually settled in New Jersey. “I was born in a hut. I ate dirt from the floor. I didn’t know what electricity was,” Jean says. “So by the time I got to America, I was like, ‘We made it.’ I just became a sponge wanting to escape, and my escape became culture.” Read full interview:
  7. Wyclef Jean and Haiti are inextricably linked. His music carries the vibe and memories of life on the island nation he hails from. Since his days in The Fugees, Jean has used music to address the problems and pleasures of his home country. His new EP, titled  J’Ouvert,  released nearly 20 years after his solo debut, is making room for some of the voices and scenes dominating Hip-Hop today. And for the launch of TRACE FM Haïti, TRACE talked to Wyclef Jean exclusively about the Haitian community, his new EP, 20 year music career and TRACE FM HAITI. Read more:
  8. Approximately a half hour before noon, Wyclef Jean strolls into the entryway of his Four Seasons hotel room strumming his guitar and humming lightly over an improvised chord progression. He carefully places his instrument on the bed and settles in a chair facing Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. Each March, SXSW turns Austin, Texas, into a hotbed for music lovers and tech innovators; Jean’s 2017 appearance is an opportunity for him to immerse himself both worlds. Less than an hour remains before he's scheduled to perform at a brunch hosted by Shazam. He and the company partnered together to create an augmented reality experience to promote his latest EP,  J’ouvert. But in the early 1990s, Jean and his bandmates - The Fugees - had no access to such technology. Read more:
  9. clef Jean’s reputation as an elite talent is firmly grounded in Hip Hop’s history. However, even with a classic like  The Score  (with Fugees) and a gem like  Carnival  under his belt, this veteran knows you’re only as good as your next hit. As he spits on the opener of his latest EP,  J’ouvert , “all they wanna know is will I get another ring.” Does this album silence doubters à la LeBron James’ comeback last June, or is it proof that Jean is a has-been? Read more:
  10. Welcome to Season 3 of The Come Up Show Podcast! We’re starting off the season with our very special guest Wyclef Jean. He just released his brand new EP J’ouvert which is his first commercial project in 7 years, and it’s out right now! In our talk we went all over the place from what it feels like to take a break and then come back to music, seeing Obama accepting the Nobel Prize, why if it wasn’t for Jimmy Hendrix music Wyclef would be dead or in jail and much more. Listen here: