1. Wyclef Jean Shows Off His Handstand Skills for Tig Notaro
    Funny or Die dropped a new episode of Tig Notaro's series Under a Rock today, where the comedian is tasked with figuring out the identity of yet another mystery celebrity guest: Wyclef Jean. Unlike former guests James Van Der Beek and Julie Bowen, Wyclef Jean actually takes on two forms during his interview with Notaro: the quiet, serious, nervous Wyclef Jean during the first half, and the unpredictable, stripteasing, freestyling master of handstands Notaro meets during the second half. Looks like that lucky necklace he wore for the interview did its job well — and helped Notaro figure out who the heck she was talking to as a bonus. Watch now:
  2. Wyclef Jean: It’s time for a real conversation about race
    Wyclef Jean is best known for his uncanny knack for creating catchy dance floor bangers, but from the beginning of his career, he’s been determined to move minds as well as bodies. “I was like, ‘Yo, Fugees is short for Refugees. That will be the name of the band, and we’ll never be a musical group — we’ll be a movement,’” the acclaimed rapper and producer said when we caught up with him at the Four Seasons during the 2019 South by Southwest Music Festival in March. Read more:
  3. Tiny Desk Family Hour: Wyclef Jean

    Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM
    Tiny Desk Family Hour: Wyclef Jean
    At this point in his life and career, Wyclef Jean can do just about whatever he wants. He's sold millions in many configurations: as a leader of The Fugees, as a solo artist, as a featured guest on Shakira's eternal "Hips Don't Lie," as a producer and collaborator on Santana's Grammy-winning 1999 blockbuster  Supernatural  and more. His latest project is an endearing exercise in torch-passing called  Wyclef Goes Back to School , an album in which he collaborates with college students he'd scouted in a talent search. At NPR Music's Tiny Desk Family Hour — held last week at Austin's Central Presbyterian Church during SXSW — Jean showed up with an electric guitar and a pair of young mentees: Jazzy Amra and Jeremy Torres, the latter of whom joined him for a loose and appropriately smooth take on "Maria Maria." As polished as the result sounds once it gets rolling, the performance's improvisational nature gets stated right upfront for the audience to see: "So Jeremy, what I'm gonna do is, I'm just gonna vibe. And just keep up. OK? Keep up with Uncle Wyclef." Jean cowrote "Maria Maria" with Carlos Santana and others, so it's only natural that he and Torres would breathe new life into it before our eyes. Watch now:

    Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM
    With a successive 29 years as a highly esteemed musician, Wyclef has undoubtably influenced the artistry of musicians all over the globe. The unapologetically spoken artist has produced 8 studio albums, over 25 singles, a compilation album, an EP and on March 15 is set to release his new 11-track project, Wyclef Goes Back To School Volume 1. With his ethos centred around nurturing and growth, Wyclef has persistently made efforts to make positive changes, whether that be by holding charitable events, running for presidency in Haiti or just using his music to make others aware of actualities that don’t get enough media coverage. Read more:
  5. Wyclef Jean célèbre la culture afro dans le clip "Baba" !
    Pour savoir où l'on va, il faut savoir d’où l’on vient ! C’est ce que  Wyclef Jean  tient à transmettre dans  son dernier titre "Baba" en featuring avec Kofi Black .  Un morceau engagé  où l’artiste d’origine haïtienne retourne aux sources en évoquant même avoir effectué un test ADN afin de savoir sa provenance et il est "100% Nigérian Baba". Read more:
  6. Wyclef Jean Drops "Wyclef Goes Back To School Volume 1" Project
    Wyclef Jean has launched a new series titled Wyclef Goes Back To School. The albums feature artists discovered by Wyclef while touring colleges around the United States. The first entry, Wyclef Goes Back To School Volume 1, is comprised of 11 songs. The Fugees member contributes vocals to the project but mostly uses the platform to showcase his talent scouting and curation skills. Read more:
    Wyclef Jean is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists to come out of the 90’s. As vibrant as ever, the 49 year old sat down to chat all things new music, influences and his important attempt to spread awareness on life. Let’s talk the new album Wyclef goes back to school which is due in the upcoming weeks, for anyone that doesn’t know the concept behind this, how would you explain it?   "The best way to explain it with regards to my relevancy is we’re in 2019. When we acknowledge "Wild Thoughts" by Rihanna, that’s my song. When we were coming up with the Fugees (short for refugees) and we did "Killing me softly", which was another big song, I made somebody else a lot of money. I then thought to myself, I’m on the wrong side of the fence, I have got to be on the of publishing side of things too.  Read more:
  8. Wyclef Jean Raps About His Nigerian Roots And Nat Turner While Hanging From A Noose In Powerful New 'Baba' Music Video
    Wyclef Jean released a music video for his single “Baba,” and it’s just in time for the end of Black History Month. The video  premiered  on Friday and features jarring imagery, including Jean spitting his bars while hanging from a noose. In the song, he raps about finding out his roots through genetic testing and the meaning of that discovery: "And I just took my DNA test Don Dada/One hundred percent Nigerian Baba/When you gonna learn-uh/Can't frame a earner/Came with the noose, I freed myself like Nat Turner." Read more:
  9. Premiere: Wyclef Jean Confronts America's Past in "Baba" Video
    Wyclef Jean  has never been one to shy away from politics. Whether it's imagining himself as a world leader on his song " If I Was President " or actually trying to  become  a world leader in his unsuccessful  campaign  for Haiti's presidency, Clef has always been on the forefront of looking at ways to improve the world. But in a new video, he is looking backwards at some of the darkest and most painful times in our nation's history, in order to begin to figure out how to move forward from them. Read more:  
  10. Wyclef Jean Debuts 'Demons Enjoy' Video With Moira Mack & Jeremy Torres: Exclusive
    After teaching masterclasses and hosting talent competitions while on tour at some of the A-list colleges across the United States,  Wyclef Jean  decided to fuse that newfound rush of creative energy into his next album. With his  Wyclef Goes Back To School  album slated to release March 15, the Haitian rapper delivers a potent visual to the project's lead single  "Demons Enjoy,"  premiering on Billboard today (Feb. 15). Read more: