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  1. Wyclef Jean lectures, performs at Bell Tower

    Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 7:00 AM
    What would normally be a typical day in Timothy Welbeck’s Hip Hop and Black Culture class turned into a public event when a famous hip-hop artist stopped in for the 50-minute class. Wyclef Jean, who is featured on many top hip-hop tracks of the 2000s and known for his work in hip hop group The Fugees, gave a lecture during Welbeck’s class on Friday. He talked about his latest album, “Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee,” and his childhood. He also performed at the Bell Tower during the Homecoming Pep Rally. Read more:
  2. DOVER, Del. — Wyclef Jean had a song named in his honor and worked with producers on his new album who were just kids when he released his debut solo album, "The Carnival." At 47, tributes from today's hip-hop stars and a surge of young producers had Jean deciding to call it a day on "The Carnival" saga. "Carnival III: The Rise and Fall of a Refugee," is the last one under that banner. "This is the trilogy. This is it," Jean said. Jean's first full-length album in eight years was released Sept. 12 by Legacy Recording, and coincides with the 20-year anniversary celebration of the Grammy-winning "Carnival." Jean would collaborate with Santana, cover Bob Marley and snagged a cameo from Bob Dylan over the years, a thrill for him to work with and honor some of his musical heroes. These days, hip-hop stars pay homage simply by naming a song after The Fugees co-founder. Read more:
  3. Cross-generations and cross-cultures, Wyclef Jean reflects on how music has changed in the newest  Between The Notes  segment.  The video kicks off talking about Young Thug naming a record "Wyclef," and how music's evolving nature really makes you think about the influence on new artists from the veterans of music. He also talks about  Carnival III , and sings about what it would be like if Wyclef were president. Watch here:
  4. Going to Jupiter With Wyclef

    Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 5:00 PM
    Grammy award-winning rapper and producer Wyclef Jean joins  Slate ’s virtual reality talk show  Conundrums  to discuss his new album  Carnival III . He and host Lindsey Weber took trips to Haiti and Jupiter, and talked about the rapper’s influences throughout his musical career. Lindsey also gets the chance to ask him about one tweet she’s never forgotten. Watch now:
  5. Have a few burning questions about Wyclef Jean? You're not the only one! To celebrate the release of his latest album, "Carnival III" (an album 10 years in the making!), Wyclef dropped by the studio and answered a few questions for us — specifically, the three questions people Google about him most. And his answers didn't disappoint! Watch here:
  6. It’s been almost ten years since Wyclef Jean – the Grammy Award-winning artist – released his last studio record, but now, the former candidate for the president of Haiti is stepping back into the music world with his newest album, The Carnival III. In an interview with People Magazine, he said, “coming back into music is like drinking water,” because it’s a natural space of belonging to him – Jean is at home when he’s writing and recording. However, there was a point where his perspective was different almost a decade ago. The producer had to take a step away from the music scene for personal fulfillment reasons. Read more:
  7. It’s been eight years since the Grammy-winning music star’s last studio album, but Wyclef Jean is finally stepping back into the spotlight with the Sept. 15 release of  The Carnival III . “Coming back into music is like drinking water, it’s a natural thing,” Jean, 47, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a space of belonging.” Watch here:
  8. Wyclef Jean was the most prominent member of the Fugees group that revolutionized hip hop in the 90’s before they broke up. They were arguably the first to quote the legendary Krs-one; who “bit the game to go pop”. They had a never-before-seen extra edge to their game and broke down just about every barrier with their dexterity. They rapped different from the norm with some good singing while at it and infused far-fetched elements like soul and reggae into their styles whenever they felt like. That in a nutshell is what Wyclef is as an artiste. He is just so different at doing the same thing everyone does. The Preacher’s son cannot be confined to a genre. Wyclef is soul, R&B, pop and reggae just as much as he is hip hop. Read more:
  9. Former Fugees member Wyclef Jean has quietly had himself a very strong year so far in 2017. Besides being the inspiration behind Young Thug's award-winning music video that the Atlanta rapper didn't even end up appearing in, he was also inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, alongside names like Kelly Ripa and Connie Chung. Now, Jean has a different achievement to celebrate - the release for  Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a  Refugee. This new album is his first full-length offering since 2009, when he dropped  From the Hut, To the Projects.  This LP is also the sequel, both in name and spirit, to 2007's  Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant. Read more:
  10. Wyclef Jean has done a whole lot of collaborations in his career, working with everyone from Kenny Rogers to the Rock—and that was just on one album. But Clef has a different type of co-star in his new song and video "Borrowed Time"—NASA's Juno satellite. Complex is happy to premiere the Jose Javy Ferrer-directed visual, which you can watch above. Working side by side with the scientists from the Juno project, Wyclef incorporated sounds from Jupiter recorded by the satellite into "Borrowed Time." Read more: