1. Wyclef Jean Hosts ‘Off-Ice’, A New Digital Series About The NHL
    Wyclef Jean is bringing his hockey fandom to the masses. This week the first episode of the new digital series “Off-Ice with Wyclef Jean” debuted, right in time for the NHL’s Black History Month celebrations. In the episode, Jean is joined by former NHL player Bryce Salvador, the third black captain in the league’s history; Blake Bolden, the first black player in the National Women’s Hockey League; and current New Jersey Devils players Connor Carrick and Blake Coleman. Watch:
  2. Wyclef Jean to team up with Dayton musicians for symphonic hip-hop
    Wyclef Jean is the personification of the American dream. The artist-producer, joining the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for a Rockin’ Orchestra Series concert at the Schuster Center in Dayton on Saturday, Feb. 8, was 9 when he moved to the United States from Haiti. The talented and tenacious youngster took full advantage of the opportunities in his new land. He was still a teenager when he got to work with big-name rap artists Kurtis Blow and Erik B. and Rakim. Read more:
  3. Wyclef Jean to finance music publishing services in Africa
    Haitian musician and ex-Fugees member Wyclef Jean has raised $25m to fund music publishing services in Africa, the Caribbean and other developing regions through his newly launched publishing and distribution company Carnival World Music Group. Speaking to Forbes, the three-time Grammy award winner said his latest initiative would seek to empower creatives by giving them access to publishing and distribution resources needed to promote their music and earn royalties. Read more:
  4. Wyclef Jean Raises $25 Million To Fund Music Publishing Services In Africa
    Wyclef Jean  is giving back and his latest charitable donation arrives, courtesy of his efforts to raise $25 million dollars in funding to Carnival World Music Group, which aims to support artists in developing countries seeking publishing and distribution support.Carnival World Music Group, which aims to ensure artists in developing countrys have publishing and dustribution In his new interview with  Forbes , the industry titan, 50, detailed his cultural ties with his native Haiti and his belief that the Afrobeats genre will continue to be a steady influence for western culture. Read more:
  5. Wyclef Jean Praises His 'Mentor' Clive Davis & Recalls His Favorite Diddy Moment
    Wyclef Jean  caught up with  Billboard  on the red carpet at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday (Jan. 25) to talk about why Clive Davis is such a mentor, his favorite  Diddy  moment, and more. Speaking of being at Clive Davis’ annual Grammy event, Jean tells  Billboard  that he looks at Davis as a mentor and that they share a lot of music history together. Read more:
  6. Wyclef Jean Raises $25 Million To Finance Music Publishing Services In Africa And Developing Countries
    The generous charitable initiatives established by three-time Grammy Award winner Wyclef Jean, in his native Haiti and other developing countries in Africa, are a significant part of his legacy. Jean hopes to see these regions continue to thrive and, more recently, has turned his attention to the fast-growing music genre of Afrobeats, which has had a burst of commercial success globally, in 2018 and 2019. I spoke with Wyclef Jean about his newest venture Carnival World Music Group, which has just raised an impressive $25 million in capital funding. The group seeks to democratize the global music marketplace for songwriters and producers in developing regions, whilst contributing to further empower dynamic women-owned businesses in the music industry.  Read more:
  7. Wyclef Jean Announces Cannabis Product Line With Cali Life
    Wyclef Jean  is the latest celebrity to launch their very own  cannabis  product line. Cali Life  Cannabis  announced on Wednesday that they have partnered with the artist and producer for his BOOM BAP collection, showcasing his favorite blends of flowers, infused pre-rolls with kief and flavored distillate. “Experiencing the American dream as an immigrant and son of a preacher who was also a farmer has inspired me to become a social entrepreneur,” Jean tells  Rolling Stone . “I am glad I waited to partner up with Cali Life. Not only will we bring more jobs, which I am excited about, I am also hopeful that maybe my native land and the parliament will someday pass legislation so Haiti can grow and export cannabis. For now, just be clear, whenever you see that BOOMBAP Kush, you know it’s me!” Read more:
    In late October, Wyclef Jean performed at Chelsea Music Hall, an intimate venue in New York City. The small setting might seem odd for a music icon; a prolific singer, writer and producer who’s won three Grammy Awards, has collaborated with everyone from Carlos Santana to Michael Jackson to Shakira, and whose nine solo albums have sold nearly nine million copies. But there was no place he would have rather been.  The event, entitled Wyclef Goes Back to School, was a showcase for Jeremy Torres, Riley and Jazzy Amra, three up-and-coming artists with Heads Music, an independent label to which Wyclef recently signed. “My passion has always been artist development,” he tells us. “I was excited because Heads was an all-female company and the passion they had for upcoming artists was a different emotion than at a major label that just looks at the data and says, ‘Let’s sign this.’”  Read more:
    The artist, songwriter, producer, actor and activist is using financing from Sound Royalties to back his music publishing and distribution company focused on creative talent in Africa and other emerging markets. Wyclef Jean’s new company, Carnival World Music Group, provides creative artists with music publishing and distribution resources. Wyclef Jean joins a roster of artists that have partnered with Sound Royalties including Pitbull and  Lil Wayne , among others. Founded by CEO Alex Heiche (pictured right) in 2014, Sound Royalties helps creatives fund projects without having to put their copyrights at risk. Read more:
  10. Wyclef Jean's Africa-Focused Publishing & Distribution Company Secures Financial Backing
    Wyclef Jean  has secured backing for his Africa-focused music publishing and distribution company Carnival World Music Group.  The support comes from Sound Royalties, an entertainment industry finance firm founded by CEO  Alex Heiche  that provides royalty advances to artists, producers and songwriters without taking ownership of their copyrights. The firm has previously backed projects from artists including  Lil Wayne  and  Pitbull . Read more: