1. #MyTeamDream ft. Wyclef Jean, Andy Samberg, Leslie Jones, and more
    Celebrities and athletes share the best thing that could possibly happen to their favorite team. #MyTeamDream
  2. Wyclef Jean and Daryl Hall on Their Hip-Hop ‘Rich Girl’ Update
    Wyclef Jean, the assiduously eclectic ex-Fugees member, has gathered an all-star line-up to collaborate on eight studio album, Clefication.
  3. Wyclef Jean To Speak And Perform At The Global Citizen Forum In Monaco
    Global Citizens, world leaders, policymakers, philanthropists, celebrities and thought leaders will gather next month in the Principality of Monaco for the 3rd annual Global Citizen Forum (GCF) held from 8-9 October 2015. This year, the GCF, a non-profit platform, will call attention to the intensifying refugee crisis in Europe and the urgent need to enact effective solutions. Additionally the Forum will feature discussions on global security, foreign direct investment and the future of global citizenship.
  4. Wyclef Jean Enlisted By Digixart To Score An Original Track For Lost In Harmony
    TOKYO, Japan – September 17th 2015. Today, Yoan Fanise, (former Ubisoft) just announced on Twitter the game entitled Lost in HarmonyTM. With a song powered by the talent of 2 x Grammy winning producer/performer/songwriter Wyclef Jean and famous videogame composers, Lost in HarmonyTM is a revolution in musical gaming, it is telling a moving story only by music. The player will embody Kaito, a young boy who travels the world on his tiny skateboard holding a girl called Aya. This heart breaking story is brought by a highly emotional soundtrack, mixed of different genres from all cultures. The innovative combination of rhythmic and choreographic gameplay makes you feel the music in a totally new way. See more at:
  5. Wyclef Jean Acoustic Session Live in Curacao

    Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 12:14 PM
    Wyclef Jean Acoustic Session Live in Curacao
    Wyclef Jean performs an acoustic session live on the streets of Curacao during the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. Watch as he delivers an unforgettable treat for some local Islanders.
  6. 10 Questions with Wyclef Jean

    Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 8:00 AM
    10 Questions with Wyclef Jean
    1) How are you, what’s going on with you these days? What’s up, family! Good to be back, baby, and to the music space, you know. Yeah man, good to be back. Those who have really followed me you’ve seen that over the last four or five year, I was heavy into helping Haiti. I even ran to be President of my country. After that, I became part of helping elect a President to my country. After I came back to the States, I decided to get back into music but I wanted to do something different, so in the winter I went to Stockholm and got with Avicii and Ash and the whole camp. I embarked on a new sound of sonics that I was looking for; Avicii calls it CLEFICATION! Just started writing again, and producing and look forward to putting out a lot of new music. 2) “Divine Sorrow” is the new single that you’ve put out with Avicii. Can you tell about the song and the cause? “Divine Sorrow” is one of the songs we recorded last winter. We are both real cool with Bono; Bono is like our rock star. Bono has the Red Foundation, and HIV is their main focus. The whole idea of the song was that it was right for the campaign, we felt that “Divine Sorrow” went real well with the campaign because the idea is that no matter what you’re going through, you can overcome it. We call it: the song of life. Right now, there’s probably a girl listening who thought she was going to get married, and it didn’t work out, so it’s “Divine Sorrow;” no matter what you’re going to find that new guy. You can have someone who’s locked up; you miss them, that’s “Divine Sorrow.” There could be someone with the worst disease, and you don’t think they’re going to come back, go see them in the hospital, that’s “Divine Sorrow.” A hundred (100%) percent of that download or however you purchase it, goes to eradicating HIV, the global fund! We are very, very, very excited abou that, me and Avicii. 3) You said you were working on an album with Avicii; did you think that when you first started with The Fugees that so many years later you would be working with a globally famous known DJ doing Dance music? If you follow my career, the 1997 classic album, The Carnival, I was experimenting the same way Avicii experiments with EDM today – if you recall the “Wanta La Mera” and “Staying Alive.” So for me, what a lot of people don’t know is that my first Dance song was in 1989, before the Fugees. I was signed to Craig Kallman and a House label. Read the rest at:
  7. Wyclef Jean Exclusive on Billboard

    Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 12:10 PM
    Wyclef Jean Exclusive on Billboard
    Since the release of his seventh studio album, From the Hut, to the Projects, to the Mansion seven years ago, Wyclef Jean has been in the studio consistently making music. “Musicians never stop doing music. Whether if I’m active in a music space for the charts or I’m just doing music, we never stop doing music,” Wyclef Jean tells Billboard. Jean has been in the studio recording his eighth studio album Clefication, which features DJ Khaled, Emeli Sandé, Afrojack and Avicii.
  8. Watch Wyclef Jean Spit a 4-Minute Freestyle and Explains “Clefication“
    The almost-president of Haiti got candid about his history and his upcoming Avicii-assisted album—and spat a jaw-dropping off-the-dome rap for Fuse. What we were not prepared for, individually or collectively, was Clef’s off-the-cuff spoken word session at the end of our interview. In the video above, you’ll see a song-length freestyle that touched on a wide range of topics, including the former Fugee’s days collaborating with Big Pun, police brutality in America, and Tupac as a member of the clergy. It was a show-stopper, and I immediately forgot all of the remaining questions I’d queued for the following interview. Read more at
  9. Wyclef Explains Leaving Columbia Records, His Dance Music Roots & Hip-Hop Activism
    Upon walking into the crowded hotel room, I could already hear his soulful guitar riffs. Wyclef Jean was playing an acoustic version of his latest single “Divine Sorrow” in front of a camera. It was the first time I had seen him play the EDM song live. In my mind, I was immediately overwhelmed with a flash medley of all of his classic records from as far back as I could remember. In reality, he was casually sitting in front of me playing the fresh cordson his wood-grained guitar. He moved on to play his Carnival classic “Gone Til November” and freestyled a new verse off the top of his head. It was then I realized that he would never lose his touch, even if he gave politics another try. The same force that tattooed The Fuguees into hip-hop is preparing to unleash a new body of work this year in a whole new way. After releasing seven albums through Columbia Records, Wyclef is jumping back into the game with Heads Music/PRMD Records, the label responsible for Avicii’s international success, backing his efforts. Wyclef let us in on why he chose to leave the label that helped launch his solo career.
  10. Wyclef Jean Reveals Superstar Album Collabs on Big Morning Buzz Live
    It’s been several years since Wyclef Jean‘s last official studio album. The former Fugees frontman, dropped everything when he suddenly ran for President of Haiti back in 2010. Now that Clef is back in the saddle as a full-time musician, the accomplished artist/producer is gearing up for the release of his seventh studio album Clefication. Jean stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to discuss his return to music, and reveals the big names he’s teamed up with for this album. Read more at